Halo 3 Pre-launch Party Recap

AMAZING! Halo 3 is probably the best game I have ever played. I say I am not a gamer, which I am not, but this  game is off the chain!

Here is a quick summary:

Robert Scoble picks me up at my house at 6:00. At around 6:40, we arrive at Microsoft in Silicon Valley! The line is there, but we get in quickly, and the party starts! Robert Scoble was my guardian, and we had a great time! Since Robert is really famous, he said hi to everyone, and then we hit the game floor! There were about 25 flat screen T.V’s in the room, each equipped with an x-box 360, and 4 controllers. Robert got his new camera, and he showed to everyone, and started clicking away! Robert’s photos are here. I meet so many new people, I can’t even explain how cool this was!

I just want to thank Robert Scoble for driving me to this awesome event! Photos will be uploaded soon. There will be a blog post with some of these photos!

~Daniel Brusilovsky

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